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Common Conditions We Treat:

Theresa working with a Pelvic Floor patient

Pelvic pain/pressure/heaviness • Pain in hips, low back, groin/pubic symphysis

Tailbone pain • Endometriosis • Postpartum care • Prenatal care • Birth prep

Pelvic organ prolapse • Perimenopause/Post Menopause related conditions

Vulvodynia • Vaginismus • Dyspareunia (painful sex)

Overactive bladder • Interstitial cystitis • Constipation/abdominal bloating

Post operative hysterectomy and other abdominal surgeries

Pudendal neuralgia • Incontinence / Leaking

Gender Affirmation pre- and post-surgical care • Post Prostatectomy

Testicular/penile pain • Sexual dysfunction (female and male) • Perineal pain


Our services a tailored to meet the needs of the many stages of your life. If you are not sure about what services would be best for you , feel free to reach out to us! 

All services require an appointment.  Booking requires a credit card on file.  Any appointment that is not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be charged a $45 cancellation fee to the credit card on file.

Pelvic Floor PT

This starts with a comprehensive initial evaluation, including orthopedic and pelvic floor assessments.  We will create a detailed plan of care, including patient education, home exercise program, and individualized follow up appointments to meet your specific needs.

Yoga Classes

Join us for yoga classes! We offer several different classes that cater to specific needs. All classes are led by registered yoga instructor and physical therapist, Theresa Wilk Feeley, and are limited in size to maximize attention to postures and safety. 

Click here to see different classes or use the button to book a class now.

Specialty Services

Pure Wellness Studio also offers the following packages to help meet specific individual needs.

If you do not see what you think you might need being offered, please do not be shy and reach out to us. We hope to help as many people as possible within our scope of practice. 

Prenatal through Postpartum

This includes a prenatal evaluation with 2 additional prenatal sessions.  It also includes 1 early postpartum virtual session (recommended within first 2 weeks) and one in person post-partum evaluation.  Additional sessions can be added prenatally or postpartum, as well as doula services.

Birth Prep

These visits can be done anytime during the prenatal time period, recommended to begin during the second trimester.  They will include both hands on manual soft tissue work and hip opening to prepare for childbirth.  Visits can also be done with your partner, to review postures, positioning, relaxation and other techniques to prepare for labor and delivery.  These can also be further customized with varied Doula or Physical Therapy services to meet your specific needs.

Yoga Services

If a group yoga class sounds intimidating, or you have specific concerns about your body safety pertaining to previous injuries or pain this is a great option. This is a 45 minute, one on one, yoga class specifically for your body. As a physical therapist and certified yoga instructor, focus will be on proper alignment and postures throughout poses to keep movements safe.  Option to add 15 or 30 minutes of PT services prior to or after class.

Perineal Massage and Stretching

This is recommended beginning at 36 weeks gestation, to reduce the risk of tearing during delivery. It can also be helpful for women wishing for a natural delivery without use of pain medications allowing practice of breath work during tissue stretching. This includes soft tissue mobilization and stretching of perineal tissue externally and also at vaginal opening. It also includes hip opening stretches to increase pelvic mobility and opening. Clearance from medical provider is required.

Restore Your Core

This is an evaluation for diastasis recti and core strength for the post-partum body. It is recommended within the first 12 months post-partum, but can also take place after. It includes a 1-hour initial evaluation with thorough home exercise program, and 3 follow up visits for exercise progressions. Follow ups are recommended in person, but can be done virtually. Additional visits can be added.


Not sure if pelvic floor physical therapy is for you? Schedule a 30-minute virtual consultation. This includes education of pelvic floor muscles and function (additional anatomy of hips/spine as needed) and possible treatment options based on your specific concerns. This does not include a physical therapy evaluation or treatment plan.

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