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Cycle Syncing / Nutrition

Your hormones fluctuate during your cycle. By adjusting your diet and exercise routines around the phases of your menstrual cycle you can optimize your energy, improve your overall health, and fitness.

Cycle Phases Explained

Menstrual Phase

(Days 1-7)

• rest & recharge - low intensity cardio & strength training

• eat rich protein & healthy fats / cooked vegetable

Follicular Phase

(Days 8-12)

• high intensity weight training & HIIT type cardio

• lighter foods, fermented foods and lean protein

Ovulatory Phase

(Days 13-15)

• HIIT type cardio & high intensity strength training

• eat raw fruits and vegetables, high fiber vegetables

Luteal Phase

(Days 16-28)

• ramp down strength training & continue with cardio, but by day 28 both should be low intensity

• increase your complex carbs., healthy fats and protein



1) Skinnytaste FAST AND SLOW

Gina Homolka does a great job with healthy recipes, and options to make them fast or slow.  My favorites include Pasta Fusili Soup.

2) The Mediterranean Dish

The Mediterranean diet is one of the highest recommended diets for heart health, weight loss and overall good health.  Suzy Karadsheh has 120 great recipes in this books.  She also has an interactive website and email subscription that helps to plan weekly meals and align to this diet.

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